Born in 1974, Szczecin, Poland. ________________________________________________



1995-2000 - study at Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk, Poland;


2000 – Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture, Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk, Poland;


2000 – Master’s Degree in Stage Design, Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk, Poland;




1992 - Gallery of Youth, Torun, Poland-National Competition: “Illustrations to Literature

              of  G.G. Marquez”- Grand Prix;


2001 - National Gallery "Zacheta", Warsaw, Poland;


2002 - International Concept Competition for the Northern Osaka Station Area, Japan;


2003 - International Competition of The Warsaw Rising Museum, Warsaw, Poland;


2006 - National Museum, Gdansk, Poland-"Stage design and 3-D forms";


2006 - M.I.A.D. Venado Tuerto, Argentine-International Competition of Digital Art;


2008 - Poster Museum, Wilanow, Poland-"Tribute to Henryk Tomaszewski”;


2009 - Artes Gallery, NYC - “Scissors & Glue”;


2010 - Artes Gallery, NYC - ”Power of Rhythm”;


2010 – Artes Gallery, NYC - “Gift Carousel”;


2012 – Artist Wanted, NYC - “Art Takes Times Square”;


2013 – Angel Orensanz Foundation, SeeMee, NYC - “The Story of The Creative”;


2014 – SeeMee, Times Square, NYC - “SeeMee Takes Times Square”;


2014 - Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY - "A Show of Heads";

2016 - Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY - "A Show of Heads";

2017 - 345 Gallery, NYC, "Wayward Project", with Bolek Ryzinski;


2017 - XIX International Chopin and Friends Festival , NYC, Grand Finale,"Fractals";


2018 - Dear Mama, NYC, "Vibes+Icons";


2019 - "Affordable Art Fair", NYC;


2019 - The Laboratory of Dissent 2, "Inside/Outside" Symposium, "From&To"

             movie installation, Winchester School of Art, UK;

2020 -, "TO" movie installation.



My favorite medium of working is digital and traditional collage

because of its dynamics that allows me to break elements

from their contexts and insert them to the new reality.

It is "new and surprising world" that makes the creative process

very exciting-like discovering new unseen before land.

I let myself to be taken by the essence of these images not always

knowing where it would lead me.

Olga Szulc


"I allow myself to be guided by the work

which is in the process of being born,

I have confidence in it, I do not think about it.

The forms arrive pleasant, or strange, hostile, inexplicable, mute,

or drowsy.

They are born from themselves.

It seems to me as if all I do is move my hands."

Jean Hans Arp _



Olga Szulc